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Metrics Nov. 22

Middle School Directors,

In an effort to make sure all etudes for the middle school audition meet the 45 second – 1 minute time requirement (at the slowest marked tempo), the following changes have been made:

French Horn: #27, m. 1-40

Tuba: #49, play all

Percussion:  There are two different versions of the Modern Method for Tympani: Saul Goodman. One version is currently out of print, so we are going to use the updated version that was edited by Roland Kohloff and Gary Werdesheim, under the direction of Anthony J. Cirone.

The etude is still number 62. Play All. Below you will find all of the information for ordering the book. 

Modern Method for Tympani:Saul Goodman

ISBN-13: 065-4979193296  

ISBN-10: 0757991009  Edition: 1st

If you have any issues are concerns about locating this etude book, please contact Moses Simon.

Thanks and best wishes this school year!

Corey Graves
Middle School Band Chair